Defamation Campaigns

Turkish Goverment's Next Target: U.S. Charter Schools

What is the chance for a positive media coverage for the charter schools against "an anti-charter school campaign funded by the anti-Semitic, anti-free speech Turkish president" and the powerful teacher unions?

There isn’t much Erdogan wouldn’t do to go after his oppositions anywhere in the world. However, he can't send his bodyguards and secret service agents to beat his oppositions at charter schools like he did in Washington; instead he hires legal guns to achieve his purpose.

He hired Amsterdam to work with teacher unions, paid individuals and PR companies to start one of the largest defamation campaigns in media against very successful Charter Schools.

"Erdogan's interest in the U.S. charters is entirely political. It's a fight the Turkish government has taken all the way down to the local district level of American politics." Read More
U.S. Charter Schools attacked by Robert Amsterdam and Government of Turkey