Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Hiring Legal and P.R. Guns

"The government of Turkey has bought an army of advocates, including high profile individuals with ties to the Trump administration, lobbying firms, and thinks-tanks." Read More
Many "U.S. firms and individuals have filed documents with the Department of Justice disclosing their work as agents of the Republic of Turkey, its embassy, or its Ministry of National Defense. These firms have ties to former politicians on both sides of the aisle." Read More
"Turkey also makes major gifts to think-tanks, which act like lobbyists, circumventing the Foreign Agents Registration Act." Read More
"Unfortunately, for Turkey and its autocratic president, the country’s reputation is so tainted that public relations firms, regardless of how powerful and competent they are, cannot whitewash its image. Turkish leaders are simply wasting millions of dollars of their taxpayers’ money attempting to accomplish an impossible task." Read More

Spending Turkish Tax Money for personal & political agenda in U.S.A.


Contracts between Government of Turkey and Legal and P.R. Guns

and then there is Inovo BV and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn...


Contracts between Inovo BV and Flynn Intel Group, Inc.

FARA filing reveals Flynn Intel hired to research US-based cleric Gülen

A retroactive Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) filing with the US Department of Justice by attorneys for ousted Trump national security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has revealed that Flynn’s consulting company was hired by a Dutch firm owned by a Turkish national with close ties to Turkey’s government and president for the purpose of researching US-based Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen and the charter schools in the United States associated with him.

The FARA filing was made retroactively when Flynn Intel Group realized that although it “was engaged by a private firm, Inovo BV, and not by a foreign government, because of the subject matter of the engagement, Flynn Intel Group’s work for Inovo could be construed to have principally benefitted the Republic of Turkey.” READ MORE

Flynn discloses lobbying that may have helped Turkey

The firm then sub-contracted with S.G.R. LLC Government Relations and Lobbying - who also retroactively registered with the Justice Department - paying it $40,000. Disclosures also list Flynn’s firm paying out others, in “consultancy fees,” and for “administrative support,” videography and editing services.  READ MORE

The Atlantic Council of the United States has also benefited from Turkish largess. According to its web site, the Atlantic Council received gifts from the Turkish government and other Turkish sources beholden to the Turkish government in FY 2015:

  • Turkish Ministry of Energy & National Resources ($250,000-$999,999)
  • Türkiye Halk Bankası A.S. ($100,000-$249,000)
  • Türkerler İnşaat ($50,000-$99,000)
  • SOCAR Turkey Enerji A.Ş ($25,000-$49,999)

In 2013, the Atlantic Council released a list of “foreign government entities” that have given funds over the previous five years. The list includes Turkish concerns (without amounts):

  • Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAS) (Turkey)
  • Istanbul Natural Gas Distribution Company (IGDAS) (Turkey)
  • Turkey Army College
  • The Electricity Generation Company (EUAS) (Turkey)
  • Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) (Turkey)